Peter Sjöberg - Founder


Picrates AB was started as recently as in 2011. It is based on a rich experience from work and projects within various companies ranging from the small consultancy to the large multi-national company.

We clearly see an increasing demand for the flexible player that can enter into projects where additional competence, resources or focus is required.

Please contact us for a discussion of what areas Picrates could be of assistance

Per e-mail: info@picrates.se or by phone +46 72 21 21 240.

Sample projects

As projects most often are of a confidential nature only limited information on a few projects is given here.

  • Development of standardised LNG Satellite Plants
  • Project management of procured annealing furnace
  • Cycle-time study of visual inspection line
  • Development of system for high-pressure gas mixtures and their physical properties and classifications
  • Multi-language product specification and integrated labelling system
  • Development of standardised LNG Satellite Plants
  • Dimensioning tool for steam distillation (deodorization) plants for edible oil inclusive columns, scrubbers and associated heat exchangers

Legal notice

Picrates works with a liability insurance.
Standard conditions are ABK 09.
Registered for company tax (“F-skatt”).

Organisation Number is 556855-8208.
VAT-registration is SE556855820801.
Seat: Solna (Stockholm), Sweden